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Project By Charlie Henson
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Welcome to AOMX Sounds

AOMX opensource music and sounds are absolutely free for anyone to download.

From this home page visitors can see news and release information and navigate through the menu selections above.

The home page here will be updated regularly, but the project will generally be listed in the above appropriate menu selection.

In order to download most sounds and music, there will be a link to our Pling creators page below each product that will take them to and to the product. From there you can download absolutely free and ad free.

While all works are made freely available to everyone, please consider using our Paypal support link to offer any support you can and as always any support will be greatly appreciated.

People can also support AOMX by spreading the news about the project.

Thank you for participating and supporting opensource projects in any form.

If you would like to support this project please use any of the links below.


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All releases are listed and the download links are active.

This weeks AOMX power release is Unguided

Check it out.





Download Unguided





















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